Why should your business have a distinctive online presence?

Online media is responsible for more than half (>50%) of all media consumed. This is due to:

Consumer Preference: 97% of consumers search for businesses online.

  • Potential customers can use new channels like the Internet, websites, and social media to research and discuss companies, they can choose to draw their own conclusions on where to take their business—and ignore advertising that suggests otherwise.

Convenience: ease of access & constant availability – no waiting.

Interactivity: consumers can communicate with a business and share content with others.

  • Examples: Social media, website comment forums & mailing lists.
What can RCR Technology Group do for your media?

Web Design: Specializing in small, local businesses & organizations, using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Advantages of Using WordPress: 

  • WordPress powers over >25% of all known websites on the Internet.

What this system means for your website:

  • Stability: It is less likely to crash.
  • Security: Difficult for hackers to breach.
  • Compatability: Updates will be constant and will play well with other media systems.
  • Longevity: Your website won’t become outdated too quickly and your investment will last.
  • Variety: There are many options for website function and appearance.

Domain Purchase & Hosting: We can purchase the name of your website and give it a place to live online.

Security Monitoring & Data Backups: We’ll protect your website from hackers and ensure your online media is always available.

Custom Email: We utilize Microsoft Exchange to give you access to a customized email address to compliment your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines, like Google and Bing, index and rank content in relation to search terms submitted by users. We’ll make sure your business listing is secured & that your website is optimized for people to find it!

  • Quick SEO Fact: Google and Bing command 86% of all global searches.

Social Media Networking: We’ll keep your website and social media accounts connected together. Your clients will be able to easily find your information and interact with your business.

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